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Nick Lattey - Hereford Photographer

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Problem Solving Photography

Mobile phone photography is great. Having a camera that is always with you is fantastic. But have you ever been disappointed with your photos?

Some subjects and lighting conditions make getting good photos from a phone almost impossible. There are also times when you are just too busy doing things to be able to take decent photos yourself.

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How can I help?

High quality lenses and modern DSLR cameras can produce wonderful photos even in challenging conditions.

Combining great camera gear with an experienced photographer who also knows how to edit large numbers of photos quickly can be helpful. You can
pass on your photography problems to someone who can almost always find a solution. Problem solved.

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Taking photos at just the right moment!

Do you love photos?

A good photo captures a memorable moment for ever. A single photo can tell a story. A great photo will sometimes capture an emotion, illuminate a relationship or show humanity at its best. I love photos.

I have taken hundreds of thousands of photographs. Many of these are good, some are very good. I am still striving for a truly great photo.

I can choose to show the small and intimate with one lens or proverbial "big picture" with another. I can shoot with daylight, house lights, theatre lights or flash. But there is always something to learn. So I love photography as well as photos!

My name is Nick Lattey and I'm a Hereford based photographer. I am very happy to help your photography project.

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