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Dog Photoshoot

Rachel and I want to get some decent photos of our dogs to have an artist sketch them. Ted is a 2 year old Flatcoat Retiever. Wilf is a one year old Bedlington terrier/Whippet cross (a Beddywhippet as they are called). Both are active and fun loving. Some would call them overenthusiastic and badly behaved. You certainly couldn't call either of them "trained". They are just happy dogs.

I decided to set up a white background lit by 2 flashes and light the dogs using 2 more flashes one with a Flashdisc and the other with a Flashbender type modifier. The ceiling in the room I used is a shade of green otherwise I would simply have used bounce flash. I could see we were going to have enough problems without using heavy light modifiers. The idea was to get photos with them in front of the white background which was separately lit to "blow out". Test shot was fine (without the dogs).

Rachel and treats were not successful at getting them looking towards me in a reasonable position in front of the background. I needed a bigger room, a bigger backdrop and a longer lens, not to mention better behaved and more cooperative subjects.

There is a photo showing set up below.

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