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Muddy Woody

I cycled to Haugh Woods to photograph Muddy Woody for 2 reasons- to avoid the car park chaos and to substitute for the Hereford Triathlon Club cycle ride I would have been doing. However the hill from The Moon pub up to Haugh Wood was hard work and I managed to get lost trying to find registration to get a map of the route etc. On the way I met another photographer- Chris and we tried to hunt a good location together. My map reading failed and we ended up walking a long circular loop taking us back to where we started. I'd come dressed to jog round the wood so split from Chris and jogged to the position by the stream I had spotted from previous years photos. I got there by asking marshals the way and got there with only a few minutes to spare.

The zoom lens I was intending to use attached to my Nikon D700 was all fogged up due to heat I'd produced with cycle and jog. A Nikon 80mm I'd thrown in my bag was fine however so I stuck that on. This worked fine and meant I was concentrating on getting the runners in focus and not trying to zoom as well. After a while however I realised the 2 problems with this location for photographing. Everyone was looking at their feet
as they crossed the stream. It was relatively dark and I'd opted for a fast shutter to freeze water droplets (1/1000) and F4 to avoid focusing being too critical this meant ISO at 6400 (I had quite a lot of digital noise). However I was pleased with the shots of which the very vast majority were worth publishing.

After all the runners had come through I jogged back to the start/finish - getting lost on the way and taking a few photos where the running route crossed a main path. Finish line photos were well within my comfort zone after years of parkrun photography.

Here are the links to the 1361 photos in all and are spread across 5 albums on Flickr. I have tried very hard to post photographs of every runner at least once.

First Album. Mostly crossing stream. 308 photos.

Second Album. More crossing stream. 316 photos.

Third Album. Some crossing stream and some on my way back where route crosses a main path. 88 photos.

Fourth Album. Finish from position 120 on (1:10:25). 346 photos.

Fifth Album. Support workers and award ceremony. 76 photos.


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